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We quantify the impact of building energy efficiency measures.

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About the Tool

What can Emodeler do for you?

Using easily attainable data on your buildings (like year-of-construction), Emodeler taps into established research to assemble a virtual building portfolio to represent any collection of buildings. It simulates the buildings’ energy-usage using local weather data. This hourly simulation calculates the energy, cost, and carbon savings expected from either common or customized energy efficiency improvements to the buildings.

How are we different?

Emodeler is a process innovation. We’ve wrapped up the complexities of building energy modeling, previously only accessible to energy engineers, into a simple app that anyone in the building industry can use.

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Streamlined or Custom

Specific heat pump? Generic LED upgrade? There is a process built for you. Emodeler inputs are made to be streamlined in minutes, but also have flexibility to precisely approximate complexity if the use case permits.

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Integrate your Workflow

Are you working on an automated workflow, or a web application? No problem. Emodeler can be accessed as an API or a web form. If you have an existing tool, Emodeler can provide calculations in a fraction of a second to pass on to your interface.

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Our Value Proposition


The tool is optimized for large and intensive simulations. Returns results in minimum time

Easy to Use

The tool is powerful but straight forward and simple to use.

On the Cloud

All simulation results are stored in the cloud and are one click away from your access.


Get a complete and detailed analysis, comparable with an engineer's savings report.


The web tool can be accessed and used from anywhere.


Whether you manage a building or provide efficiency technology, Emodeler helps your bottom line.

A flexible and precise solution

Who should use Emodeler?

District Energy Advisors

Calculating cost and carbon savings due to wholistic retrofit scenarios for your city or district. We have the flexibility to deal with a wide array of data availability.

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Building Solution Providers

A smarter, trusted sales tool which adopts to your workflow. See how your product performs in buildings across the country. Quickly construct accurate sales proposals.

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Portfolio Managers

A verifiable energy cost savings projection, customized to your buildings. Let us help you achieve your climate strategy.

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Our features

Seamless Integration

Emodeler links you to a network of trusted resources the industry has used for years. Because we’re not reinventing the wheel, Emodeler provides calculations at a fraction of the cost of other tools. Whatever your current process is, we work hard to make sure Emodeler fits into it as a seamless step.

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Create a free account or choose a subscription plan that fits your specific need.

Choose a Measure

Choose from over 15 energy savings measures or try them all with a typical renovation package.

Fill Building information

Enter all known energy-relevent building details.


Our Subscription's Pricing Plan


Explore calculation possibilities and, beyond testing, pay on a per-use basis. Both tiers available as needed.

  • Explore possibilities
  • No monthly payment
  • Pay-per-use
$ 0 /Month

Tier 1

Made for use cases with little building information. E.g: sales quotes, retrofit pre-screening

  • Unlimited buildings
  • Simple webform
  • 5-minute process
$ 199 /Month (starts at)

Tier 2

Increase accuracy of the calculated savings by specifying up to 50 energy-related building details.

  • Unlimited buildings
  • Custom models
  • Energy audit level
$ 399 /Month (starts at)


If you want even more customization than that offered by Tier 2, contact us to see the endless possibilities!

  • Hand-made Models
  • Custom Analyses
  • API Integration
$ Varies

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how much the user knows about the building. With Tier-1, An average building of the same age-range, climate, size, and type will be used. If your building is average, this is a good approximation. With Tier-2, any information you know about the building can be used to increase accuracy, including data about occupancy, building materials, HVAC systems, lighting, and more.

No. All complication is hidden behind the UI. The user interacts with a web form which requires only high level information about the building. The tool only requires that the user is aquainted with the most imporant building details.